Nick Runge - “Exploring Portraits in Watercolor”

"In this video workshop, I'll provide a start to finish look at my creative process, from taking reference photos, to painting 3 finished portraits. I'll explain how I approach watercolor by breaking down my color choices, compositions and values of light/shadow, in order to construct a solid foundation for painting. By starting with a pencil drawing and moving through each transparent layer of paint, I'll share my thoughts on creating a life-like face using both principals of realism and abstraction together. I invite you to join me for this watercolor exploration." - Nick Runge

+ Unlimited Streaming @ 1080p
+ Over 3 Hours of Video Content

"As someone who's struggled with watercolor for ages, this course has completely changed my perception of the medium and helped me make huge improvements in my own work. Unlike other online instructional videos that I've tried in the past, Nick kept everything organized, easily digestible, and there was a clear flow in the concepts he presented. From the diversity of camera angles to the wide breadth in subjects covered, I was blown away by the thoroughness, aesthetics, and attention to detail within each video. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to improve their artistic abilities and I'm excited to browse the rest that NOH/WAVE/ACADEMY has to offer."  - Dean

"Nick’s online video workshop was captivating and very helpful for me.  Nick's emphasis on value is particularly helpful especially in relation to colour.  I love exuberant colour, but learning the importance of the light and dark values is a good lesson for me.  Thank you and Nick for putting together such a useful and enlightening workshop.  I look forward to the next one." - Helen

Nick Runge

Price: $175

Daniel Segrove Video Workshop - "Portraiture in Mixed Media"

"This video workshop will be about exploring abstract mix media techniques that can be added to traditional portraiture. The goal of this video course is trying to open a path for the viewer to embrace their unique artistic voice while still refining their technical abilities in craftsmanship. The video exercises will be geared toward students who have a desire to refine their creative voice and broaden their understanding of design, texture, and visual rhythm. The course will be broken down to show you both ends of the spectrum. From a more refined approach to drawing the portrait to then understanding how to approach abstract mark making. The end goal being you will have a better understanding of making artwork that feels more confident and unique to the viewers style." - Daniel Segrove

Examples of Daniel Segrove’s Artworks:

+ Unlimited Streaming @ 1080p
+ Over 6 Hours of Instructional Content

Daniel Segrove

Price: $250

John Wentz - “The Deconstructed Portrait”
Oil Painting Video Workshop

“In this video workshop, I'll discuss and demonstrate my intention and process in creating a finished portrait in two sittings. Starting with what I look for in a model and a photo reference, I'll discuss composition and placement of the head-including various methods and intentions, how process and intent can guide your painting and exploring exaggeration in color and value as methods of expression. In the second sitting of the portrait, I'll demonstrate textures and layering as effects to enhance what I learned as “impact & payoff.” From beginning to end, I'm very much looking forward to sharing my approach to a deconstructed portrait.” - John Wentz

Specs: Unlimited Streaming @ 1080p
Release Date: End of March 2019

John Wentz

Price: $175

David Cheifetz - “Still Life Oil Painting”
Video Workshop

Master artist David Cheifetz guides students through his process of creating a still life oil painting, expressing concepts both simple and powerful that can help you add a sense of focus and drama to your own paintings. The live audience provides a depth that is normally inaccessible in a typical instructional video, occasionally sparking Cheifetz to go beyond his primary concepts and veer into more thoughtful and personal territory. Cheifetz adapts to the evolving painting, problem solving on the fly, a process which necessitates clarity of intent. You will learn to establish and continually reestablish a clarity of intent that will help you navigate the turbulent middle stages of a painting that can often derail the artist. Renowned for his painting proficiency with both brush and knife, Cheifetz demonstrates the usage of both tools.

Course Outline:
Part 1 - Setting The Stage + Composition + Blocking In
Part 2 - Beginning of Full Color
Part 3 - Continuing Full Color
Part 4 - Searching For Focus
Part 5 - Finishing and Fine Tuning

Examples of Cheifetz’s Artworks:

+ Unlimited Streaming @ 1080p
+ Over 6 Hours of Instructional Content

"David's workshop on still life composition was excellent, and left me with many new ideas and techniques to incorporate into my own work. He is a superb, perceptive, and patient instructor, who is able to intuit the best approach for each student. His suggestions were invariably helpful, and he is adept at offering solutions and "next steps" tailored to each painter's needs, as well as gently introducing new and more effective approaches."
- Brie Dodson

"I just finished a David Cheifetz workshop, and all I can say is WOW! David has a very unassuming way of teaching, that coaxes you to think about how best to apply his techniques to your work. I knew I would enjoy his tutelage, but I am blown away, trying to process all that I learned in just three days painting with him. I highly recommend Mr. Cheifetz's workshops for the beginner or advanced artist. It is so rare to find an instructor who shares their talents in a way that is easy to understand and apply in your own work."
- Debra Keirce

"As a professional portrait painter I make a point of taking regular workshops and classes to help stretch & refine my technique. I have been lucky enough to take some amazing classes with painting luminaries such as Robert Liberace, Dan Thompson & Daniel Sprick. I am usually happy if I take one or two new ideas away from a workshop. The recent workshop I took with David Cheifetz however was a total "game changer" for me. I am still reeling from the amount of information I absorbed over the course of 3 days with him. Many of the approaches he presented were new to me and deeply thought provoking. If you want to learn how to paint thickly & with intent, Cheifetz is the instructor for you".
- Suzanne Lago Arthur (full blog post here)

David Cheifetz

Price: $175