Daniel Segrove Video Workshop - "Portraiture in Mixed Media"

"This video workshop will be about exploring abstract mix media techniques that can be added to traditional portraiture. The goal of this video course is trying to open a path for the viewer to embrace their unique artistic voice while still refining their technical abilities in craftsmanship. The video exercises will be geared toward students who have a desire to refine their creative voice and broaden their understanding of design, texture, and visual rhythm. The course will be broken down to show you both ends of the spectrum. From a more refined approach to drawing the portrait to then understanding how to approach abstract mark making. The end goal being you will have a better understanding of making artwork that feels more confident and unique to the viewers style." - Daniel Segrove

Examples of Daniel Segrove’s Artworks:

+ Unlimited Streaming @ 1080p
+ Over 6 Hours of Instructional Content

Daniel Segrove

Price: $250